Try Hard Magazine is an independent, online publication focused on Australian and New Zealand photography. It is dedicated to showcasing the work of Australian photographers, New Zealand photographers and international photographers who may be living or working in either country.

Try Hard Magazine also aims to encourage writers and academics to contribute original written content in the form of essays, interviews and book reviews that act to further the dialogue centered around the medium.

Try Hard Magazine was founded by photographers Benjamin Chadbond and Patrick Mason.

We can also be found on Facebook and Tumblr - and on instagram @tryhardmagazine.


Try Hard Magazine continues to operate as a free online publication due to the generosity and donations of individuals and organisations. We would like to thank Patrick Pound, Daniel Walding, Richard Phillips, Clare Weeks, Barbara Russell, James Forster, Kelvin Skewes, Jeremias Zylberberg, Chris Rainsford, Nic Porter, Adam H, Jaime Tsai, Libby Jeffery, James Farley, David Helsham, Gemma Threadgate, Kathryn Partridge, Todd McMilian, Lynette Letic, Marielle Dunaj, Sean Diver, Shelley Horan, Sarah Mosca, Maureen MacLean, Nathan Larkin, Fraser Stanley, Katrin Koenning, Mike Reed, Michael Flatt, Daniel Mulheran, Tilt Wilson, Zoe Wong, Jessie DiBlasi, Aneshka Mora, Naomi Riddle, Frank Trimarchi, Ashleigh Oddi, Eliza Ackland, Deb Mansfield, Sarah Coleman, Rachel Manchester, Joy Cook, Meg Clune, Joanne Coleman, Sophia Finemore, Samantha Ferris, Natalya Hughes, Richard Payne, Helen Frajman, Jon Vontolken, Luke Letourneau, Kate Beckingham, Finn Marchant, Doug Spowart, Seok-Ho Yoon, Kent Buchanan, Adelina Onicas, Vikky Wilkes, Pip Burrows and Christoph Mueller.

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